Who we are

The Best Products Company is a privately-owned company headquartered in India with worldwide activities in sourcing, processing and distribution of tea, coffee, spices, herbs, and essential oils.

We therefore see it as our duty to supply our customers with consistent high-quality products that are in compliance with food safety regulations and to meet the required specifications of our clients.

Why us

This company is driven by a team of Planters / Farmers having experience in agriculture, production, processing, marketing and distribution. We assure quality at a competitive rate as we procure the products directly from Growers, Farmers and Tribal sources.


Values are the bedrock of an organization. They form the basis of the behavior of its members. At The Best Products Company, we strive to find the perfect balance between individual and organizational values.

As an organization, The Best Products Company has always insisted on a strong sense of business ethics and moral values. We lead by example, so our values become the values of our people. We believe in motivating and encouraging, instead of conditioning or enforcing. And it is this value-system that defines the way we function, as an organization.


We are constantly looking to improve our performance and better the quality of life by improving the quality of our products. We are replacing synthetic additives, colors, and flavoring agents with natural alternatives. This ensures better health for our consumers and a better world to live in.


At The Best Products Company, we have always given due credit to the value of fairness. Hence we have always expected and offered this quality in all our business transactions. The Best Products Company has been consistent and principled in every relationship, be it with our clients, our employees, or our stakeholders.


At The Best Products Company, we believe that our technology combined with our acumen for innovation, has always helped us address even the most challenging customer requirements.

So, we strive to achieve the highest level of scientific excellence and then innovate further to enhance the value that it provides to our final consumers.


We are accountable to the customers we serve, to the partners we associate with, and to the environment in which we exist. The Best Products Company honors its commitments to all the above, and works symbiotically with them, pledging to deliver consistent quality.


We The Best Products Company believe open communication to be the driving force for upholding our core values at all levels for achieving our mission and accomplishing our vision.


As we rise through ranks and profitability as an organization, our associates too have gained the leverage and confidence in us. This teamwork is the sum and essence of our work culture.