We believe that our commitment to sustainability and ethics extends beyond our own work capabilities and should include the decisions we make as a company about the partners we align with, and the products and services we buy. Our purchasing policy takes sustainability and ethical sourcing into consideration throughout all stages of the buying cycle, and we encourage our teams to support local and small businesses to minimize carbon footprint and support local economies. We encourage our purchasing teams to consider ethical sourcing and sustainability across all purchases. The Best Products Company expects our suppliers to treat workers and employees with respect and fairness.

To ensure alignment between our values and ethics and those of our suppliers, The Best Products Company plans to review source locations of our procurement partners and certain direct suppliers.

As part of our procurement policy, we expect all our suppliers to abide by the same principles and code of conduct that we have in place. Accordingly, our suppliers must either agree to adhere to our policies and codes or confirm their adherence to their own code of business conduct that comprise the same principles.